17 مارس 2011

Questions and answers about Bandwidth !

(Q)1: What is the bandwidth or traffic or transmission of data?

(Ans)1: the three names have the same meaning and we will use the word Bandwidth. It gives clearer meaning and concerned with the amount of data exchanged between your site

and between members and visitors.

(Q) 2: How to consume the amount of data transfer from your site ?

(Ans)2: example:

Visitor or a member has entered a topic on your site that have some Images . its size is

1 MB

And there are images in signatures its size 1 MB to download by this user

Program  subject to participate

(and loaded on your site) size of 2 MB and then this user uploading a file on your site for the development of

association HTP the file's size is  1 MB +That the number of special characters replies

In this post to 500 KB images and Style, which appeared when you open the topic

Equal to 1 MB

(Now, collect all the values ​​you find find 6.5 MB)

This member alone and through the browsing of this post consumed the amount of

data transfer For your 6.5 MB  . Got It ?!

(Q)3: Is this just what it is consumes the amount of data transfer of my site ?

(Ans) 3: one thing left which it is the monste of counsuming the data tansfer of your site.

If they are excessive you to send messages from your own site

Therefore you must do what the Expert sites Doing. when they want to send messages is not affect their own site

They use a software to send messages from their computers.

(Q)4: has the amount of you site's data transfer ended. what should you do now?


The amount of data transfer your site are renewed with the beginning of each month.

if it ended before the end of the month your site will close automatically

Then re-work and opens automatically in also with the beginning of the month

You must organize and adjust your site so as not to close again next month.

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